Question: How Far Away Should Trees Be From A Pool?

How far does a pool need to be from a tree?

15 feetTree roots are tough and opportunistic, and will seek out a water source.

Ideally, your inground pool is located at least 15 feet away from the base of any tree..

What trees can be planted close to a pool?

The best trees to plant around a pool include: Acacia, Banana, Citrus, Evergreens (arbor vitae, cypress, spruce), Holly and Magnolia (also evergreen), Olive trees (non fruit bearing), Oleander (actually a large bush), and Windmill Palms (hardy into areas of zone 6).

Is pool water bad for trees?

Swimming pool water contains chemicals, especially chlorine, that can harm your trees and landscape plants when water drains and floods the area. Too much chlorine can damage tree leaves and other delicate tissues. Too much chlorinated water all at once can even kill trees.

What is a semi above ground pool?

A semi inground pool is exactly what it sounds like: a swimming pool that is partially installed in the ground and partially installed above ground. Usually, most of the pool is still inground, but part of the pool will be raised a few feet or more.

What should you not plant around a pool?

Here are a few plants you should avoid using around pools because of the debris they cause:Acacia.Azalea.Bougainvillea.Crape myrtle.Dwarf arborvitae.Honeysuckle.Ash trees.Evergreen elm.More items…•Dec 4, 2015

Do oak tree roots grow down or out?

The initial root is the taproot, which grows deep underground, seeking a dependable supply of moisture. … Most oak tree roots lie only 18 inches under the soil. They may spread, though, to occupy a space four to seven times the width of the tree’s crown.

Can you put a pool near a tree?

Fiberglass and concrete pools are not at risk of damage from tree roots. … With regards to the patio, it typically takes at least 10 years of growth before a root system can have any impact on a hardscape. As a rule of thumb, try to stay at least six feet away from the trunk with the patio.

What do you put around a swimming pool?

Landscaping Around Your Above Ground PoolConcrete or Pavers. Concrete patios are a dependable and easy to care for option for your poolside. … Gravel or Rock. Using gravel or rock is one of the most popular ways when landscaping around your above ground pool. … Plants or Trees. … Planters.

What happens if I cut down a tree without permission?

To summarize California law: Tree cutting now has three measures of damages: “(1) for willful and malicious cutting, the court may impose treble damages but must impose double damages; (2) for casual and involuntary tree cutting, the court must impose double damages; and (3) for trespass under legal authority (e.g. …

How close can an oak tree be to a pool?

six feetIt is well worth noting that your pool surround could show damage from roots over time. A rule of thumb is to try and stay six feet away from the trunk of a surrounding tree with the pool surround.

How close to an oak tree can I build?

SpeciesNormal Mature Height (M)Safe Distance (M)Oak2430Pine298Plane3022Plum121123 more rows•Jul 27, 2015

Can tree roots damage a pool?

Roots may push on the sides of pools or directly underneath the pool, which could cause the flat surface of the pool lining to dramatically change. Not only would the bumps and curves cause discomfort to feet, but the roots could also burst through the lining and cause significant damage along with some water loss.

Do palm tree roots cause damage?

It’s highly unlikely that a palm tree’s roots will damage concrete. The roots for palm trees stay the same diameter for the life of the root. There are many roots but they are thin. Other trees have roots that grow thicker as they mature, which can lead to a crack in a sidewalk or concrete surface.

What is a good shade tree that is not messy?

The Least Messy Trees for your YardArborvitae. Arborvitae is an evergreen that comes in several varieties. … Flowering Dogwood. There are numerous types of dogwood trees, and the flowering variety is one commonly seen in gardens and landscapes, for good reason—it is attractive year-round. … Spruce. … Maple. … What to Avoid.

How close can a tree be to your house?

How far away should trees be from your house? Trees should be planted anywhere from 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters) away from your house.

Can you plant a lemon tree near a pool?

Citrus trees add a pop of color and personality to a pool or patio garden. These plants also give urban farmers or those with small-space gardens an opportunity to grow a fruit-producing tree. … Tip: If it says “dwarf citrus,” it is probably well-suited for growing in a container.

Can I drain pool water on lawn?

A freshly chlorinated pool should not be discharged into the yard; the chlorine is harmful to yard plants and the environment as a whole. Using a test kit, your pool water needs to reflect a certain concentration of chlorine, such as 0.1 ppm (parts per million), before it is safe to drain into your yard.

Will pool water kill grass?

In most situations, your pool water will have no effect on the grass growing around your swimming pool. … Any issues caused by pool water getting in your landscaping are results of too much chlorine or salt.

Can I backwash my pool into my lawn?

You can do your part to protect the environment Use the backwash to water grass or any area on your property that will allow water to percolate into the ground.